Product Details
Make a Wish Bouquet
Item No: TEV13-6
A summery mix of yellow, purple,red and orange flowers - arranged in a clear vase and adorned with a cheerful bow - will make their wishes come true! *very small arrangement. VASE IS ONLY 5 INCHES TALL**

We deliver flowers to all of Clinton County! We also deliver to Clinton Memorial Hospital and Wilmington College. We deliver flowers locally to : Reynolds Smith Funeral Home, Smith Funeral Home, Littleton Funeral Home, Brown Funeral Home, Fisher-Edgington Funeral Home, and Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home. In our local area, we deliver flowers to the following Ohio zip codes: 45107, 45113, 45114, 45138, 45146, 45148, 45159, 45164, 45169, and 45177.